Name: Irene Hoff

Designation :Dutch Artist

Location : Bali, Indonesia

Artist Statement


“One of the reasons I create art is because it’s such a potent way of transferring energy, blasting it all over the world. Either you see it physical in front of you or digital on a computer, it has the same impact. It’s energy, and energy is fluid, it moves and can be felt by everyone. My art pieces contain power messages, tailored and transformed for each and every one who resonate with them. When you get eye to eye with my work, stop thinking for a moment, go within, feel your breath, empty your mind, connect with ‘all of you’, and you’ll know what your message is to support you to move forward and upward in life at that present moment”.

#The art of Magic




For self-taught Dutch artist Irene Hoff, the world is out of balance which can be seen in the human & environmental challenges we are currently faced with. She craves a world where compassion, intuition and harmony are key elements for living. Irene’s art is filled with hope and inspiration that encourages viewers to become aware of their feelings and beliefs, making space for their true self.


Irene her women series came through her desire to reconnect and bring us closer to our core nature by believing in the vast potential of who we truly are. Her {he}art aims at encouraging and moving people in reclaiming their power, overcoming their limiting beliefs and discovering their talents, so they can move towards their unique purpose in life. For Irene, only then will people authentically connect and create with each other, paying it forward by inspiring others to share their gifts which will in turn impact humanity for the better.


Another of Irene’s favored inspiration are animals, often portraited in settings that defy all logic. Irene believes that each one of us is a magical being and encourages us to reactivate some of the skills we had as children but seemed to have lost along the way of growing up; to daydream, to question, to fantasize, to play, to explore, and to believe that you can be anything you want, anything!


Some of Irene’s unique insights into our world are explained by the fact that she has lived in Asia for more than 20 years. She speaks the language of the West whilst simultaneously sensing the subtle unspoken energies of the East. Irene currently creates and lives with her two daughters on the beautiful ‘Island of Gods’, Bali, Indonesia.


Unique to Irene’s art is the mixing and matching of different styles, which at first glance may seem controversial. In her paintings, she loves to modify the acrylic paint into thicker applications, and to use a wide variety of hand torn paper patterns and old street posters. The subtle details and harmonious color combinations make her art nothing short of enticing to the viewer.


Among her achievements, Irene is proud to have had one of her wildlife paintings signed by nature warrior and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She consequently donated the signed canvas to a project raising funds to protect Asia’s Wildlife (2016). More recently, she was published in ‘100 Artists of the Future’, A Collector’s Edition curated by The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (2019), and the Art Collector’s Choice Book – Japan (2020)