Name: Mario Nawfal

Designation :CEO

Company : NFT Technologies

Location : Dubai

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries.

Mario started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie Australia. He propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year two, all bootstrapped. Since then Mario launched multiple ventures into the millions, all bootstrapped, including an events business, a FinTech consulting firm, a marketing agency, and multiple ecom businesses all while surviving a massive scam, various black swan events, and all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

As a seasoned entrepreneur outside of crypto with business in over 30 countries, Mario’s influence in crypto spans hundreds of investments as an angel investor and the founder of IBC Group. Mario’s company IBC Group has been a top tier incubator since 2017 having invested in and/or marketed some of the industry’s largest projects. Most recent examples include Sidus Heroes, MetaMall, Genopets, DeFi Yield, Forward Protocol and Real Fevr. Mario is also partner at International Blockchain Legal and a world renowned public speaker in both crypto and entrepreneurship.

Mario’s most notable achievement is his position as a Co-Founder and the CEO of NFT Technologies, a portfolio company expected to list soon on a stock market in Canada under the ticker “NFT”. Backed by notable investors and crypto thought leaders including Jeremy Gardener, Adam De Cata (Decentraland) and Curt Marvis (Lionsgate), NFT Tech will play a major role in growing the NFT and Metaverse space.